The S.H.E. Project 

Authored by Aaryana Sethi ’21

The S.H.E. (Strength, Honor, and Eloquence) Project is a nonprofit organization for young girls that helps develop confidence and character through workshops, which focus on self-defense, professional skills (like networking and personal presentation) and public speaking.

S.H.E. started partially because of my summer internship — I was a high schooler working at a downtown Cleveland law firm (their youngest interns are typically law students). Because of courses I’d taken the summer after eighth grade, and because of my experience on HB’s Speech and Debate team, I felt perfectly confident being there every day, I was contributing valuable work to the team. 

I’ve also been practicing Tae Kwon Do (a Korean martial art) since I was three years old, and competitively for about four years. At multiple points in the past, I’ve wanted to create some sort of workshop that would teach the basics of self-defense — a vital skill, especially for young women. 

As a reflection on my internship experience, desire to give back to the martial arts community, and public speaking skills that I’ve gained from debate, I created The S.H.E. Project! I wanted to pass on some of the skills which have helped me so much throughout high school to girls who might not have had the same opportunities to acquire them. 

IMG_2337S.H.E’s mission is to empower every girl with the tools and inspiration needed to become a powerful young woman with a unique voice, and I think our first workshop at Campus International was a success in that way! 

As part of that mission, we’ve created a blog that will feature a rotating cast of writers, including myself and girls from across the globe. My hope in creating this blog was that it’d be a space not only for S.H.E. Project workshop participants, but girls everywhere to share their tips and tricks, accomplishments, and best (and worst) experiences. I think our current social and political climate is shifting towards one of acceptance, I want the S.H.E Project and its blog to provide more and more young girls, ultimately from every corner of the globe, with programs and spaces to express themselves! 


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