Transitioning to the Infant & Toddler Center

IMG_7743Authored by Sara Barresi, ITC Teacher and Assistant to the ITC Director 

Starting your little one in a childcare program can be a big transition for the entire family. But remember, you’ve done the research, toured our facility, and met your child’s teachers. Take a breath and rest easy. Need reassuring? Hathaway Brown School’s Infant and Toddler Center Teacher Sara Barresi shares ways to make a smooth transition for you and baby.

Adjusting to Separation
Boys and girls in the ITC range from six-weeks to two-years-old. The first dropoffs may not be easy; there may be tears for both child and parent — that’s ok. Separation is hard. Children are innately connected to their parents’ bodies, their heartbeat syncs with their caregiver, and they are keenly aware of others’ emotions. 

If this is your infant’s first experience with childcare, one helpful tip is to supply an article of clothing that smells like you. A child’s olfactory system forms very early and it may bring comfort to have the smell of their loved one nearby during this new experience. IMG_7463.jpeg

Many children enjoy tangible items that bring comfort. If they have a “lovie” or favorite stuffed animal, consider it enrolled in the ITC too! Lastly, bring a family photo to school to make your infant or toddler feel at ease. 

A True Transition
For toddlers, we recommend a slow transition. Before their first day, try a dry run. Visit the ITC with your child and stop by our outdoor play areas. If possible, in the first few days, spend time in the classroom with your child, getting them acclimated to their new surroundings. Short visits with meaningful interactions, can make a big difference. Once a child senses their parents’ level of comfort and witness relationship building with the teachers, they too will feel comfortable. 

ITC Team
Finally, know that this is a team effort! HB’s ITC Teachers are here to create a safe, loving environment for your little one to grow and discover. We appreciate learning as much about your child and family, as possible. Together, we’ll share the joys, the challenges, and everything in between. We look forward to building trusting relationships, sparking interests, and creating the foundation of your lifelong learner! 

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