I already knew what to do

Authored by the Center for Business and Finance Student Galia Madfis ’20

With summer coming, and as my classes started to prepare for me for finals, one question rose above the others. Even though I was dealing with AP tests, homework, and final grades, I knew I was already behind on finding a way to spend the next three months of my summer. I wasn’t the only one. My friends and I were suddenly faced with the biggest question of all: where would we be interning? 

Internships, volunteering, and jobs are all so important; especially as I get ready for senior year because they teach work experience, communication skills, and responsibility. My friends and I each took different paths on the road to filling our summers. I found a three-week internship in the communication office of my school with the help of Mrs. Krist, the Director of HB’s Center for Business and Finance.  This was ideal for me because of my interests in marketing and social media, and the busy schedule I already have with my job. 

One of my friends, Emme Semarjian ’20, spent her summer volunteering for Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. Another friend Janette Blumin ’20 decided to intern for Omni Senior Living again, a senior living community. Although we all do different things, we largely use the same skills we learned in the Center for Business and Finance. The Center at HB has helped us all so much in knowing how to handle the unexpected, have a general knowledge of our fields, and build lasting relationships with the companies we have been placed in. 

A simple project to advertise a fake soda led to my current internship. In Business and Finance, I and a team of three others came up with a healthy green tea drink that would be marketed throughout various social media campaigns. This project has led me to understand just how important marketing is when trying to appeal to customers. 

I didn’t think of Hathaway Brown as something that needed marketing, but from the start of my internship, I could see just how crucial the roles of marketing, social media, and appealing to broad groups of students was in terms of enrollment. Whether it was making Instagram stories, tagging students faces on Vidigami, or taking photos of the various summer camps, I could understand the main point of advertising was to show something really simple: how much fun kids were having at Hathaway Brown. 

Janette was being challenged to break out of her comfort zone at her internship, “I was being tasked to do so many things I didn’t really think I could do like writing reports, analyzing documents, and constantly being asked my opinion on certain projects. As nervous as I was, when I looked back to what I learned in Business and Finance, I realized I already knew what to do.” 

We were all put in a place where we were given a big task and immediately felt like it was impossible. When we stepped back and re-evaluated, we realized we had already been taught what to do. Understanding the fundamentals of business, and business cultures allowed us to jump into different fields prepared. 

Emme had the same feeling, “At rainbow, it’s a huge pressure to know how to speak with the patients in the right way and interact with everyone in the appropriate way. I’m lucky because I’ve been taught a lot about how to be appropriate in different fields.” 

When my internship ends, I’m excited to take my real-world experience and incorporate it into my boardroom presentation for Business and Finance. During sophomore and junior years I sat in a classroom and learned about the business world, but now I feel like I can better relate to it. At the same time without this class, I would have been less comfortable in my position. It’s really great that HB has a place where girls can learn how to confidently voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas. I hope my other classmates’ internships have gone as smoothly as my own. 

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