Dear MS Teachers, It’s Because Of You…

Authored by Noel Ullom ’23

Dear HB Middle School teachers, Noel Ullom

Though we see each other ten months out of every year, five days out of every week, and almost ten hours every day, I have not taken the time to thank each Middle School (MS) teacher for the lasting impact you have had on my life. From the countless jokes and laughs shared in the hallways to challenging quizzes and tests in class, you have been there every step of the way. Without all of you, I would not be near where I am today when it comes to how much I’ve learned and grown as a member of the HB community as well as in the outside world.

When I reflect on how far I’ve come as a student and a leader, I will always remember the teachers who were by my side in these moments. Before I came to the MS, I was always afraid to go for what I wanted – anything from clubs to leadership positions. What if I failed? I feared failure so much, that I didn’t realize how it was holding me back and I was already failing in not taking a risk.

HB MS and meeting all my teachers changed me. You taught me that even if I did fail, I would learn from it. I would be able to say that I tried. I didn’t realize I was locking away a part of me that would later be a big part of my life and who I am. After your endless support and encouragement, I am finally able to gather the courage I need to put myself out there and I am amazed by the result. Today, I am a girl striving for success and always trying to be her best self. I can’t say I would be the same person without all the encouragement and leadership you have shown me over these past years.

Along with growing as a leader, I have also grown as a student. Every teacher has had a valuable lesson to teach, whether it was a simple tool to use in future classes or an important life lesson that could change the way I saw the world. Every class adds a new meaning, a new concept, or a new idea to my view of the world in any subject that I may never have known or thought about before.

Along with your teaching, your dedication to helping me succeed and guidance through every hard situation is the reason I am able to do my best today. Friendship problems, unwanted grades, and overall hardships always come your way in MS, but you always helped and guided me through every obstacle. Your wisdom and kindness led me to be who I am today. Without all of you there to guide me through my MS years, I would not be in nearly the same place.


Noel Ullom

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