Librarian for the Day: Sara Winter ’26

Sara Winter.pngAuthored by Sara Winter ’26

I got the opportunity to be the librarian of the day. The reason for this is because I participated in the fifth-grade reading community, and I was in the top two for who read the most books. This opportunity was super fun. I enjoy reading because it’s a way to look into another person’s perspective, and with nonfiction, you can see what other people are going through.

An example is with “Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science,” by Jeannine Atkins. This book is about three different stories in one, and girls who found new discoveries were going unnoticed. One girl found many fossils but was covered up by her brother.  Another girl instead of enjoying the day she liked night. She lived on an island and was fascinated by stars, and lastly a girl who kept caterpillars in her house to see what they became. All of these girls eventually became noticed and I think it shows a great example of Hathaway Brown girls.

Here are other books I recommend:

Wondla Land.jpgThe Search for Wondla” by Tony DiTerlizzi – An amazing book about a girl named Eva. Eva was raised in an underground sanctuary and has never set foot outdoors. She was raised by a robot instead of human parents. Eva’s robot guardian trains Eva every day for the outdoors. One day an intruder comes into Eva’s sanctuary and Eva has to go up a secret exit to the outdoors. When Eva goes outside she notices that the outdoors were nothing like what she had trained for. Who said there would be walking trees? Read the story to find out more.

“The tales of Beedle the Bard” by J.K. Rowling – This is a side book of Harry Potter. Hermoine gets a book from the will of Albus Dumbledore. This is a book of all the well-known tales. This book even includes the story of the three brothers. The story of the free brothers is the story behind the Deathly Hollows.

“Serafina and the Twisted Staff” by Robert Beatty – “Serafina and the Twisted Staff” is an amazing book. Serafina goes out one night to explore and sees a bunch of animals running away. All of a sudden Serafina watches a carriage speeding. A cold chill goes down her spine. A pack of wolves come out of the carriage. Read this book to find out more.

Serafina“Serafina and the Black Cloak” by Robert Beatty – “Serafina and the Black Cloak” is about a girl who’s appearance and reflexes are very different from normal humans. Serafina has amber eyes and when walks is able to not make a single sound. Serafina lives in the basement of a mansion that is used as a hotel. One day Serafina finds that people have been going missing. Read the book to find out what has happened with the disappearance of the people.

“The Titan’s Curse” by Rick Riordan – This is a great book about a boy who once again has destroyed his school and goes off on a quest to save his friend and prevent the evil before they take over the world. Although he doesn’t succeed he does slow them down.

“The Sea of Monsters” by Rick Riordan – This is an action-packed book about a boy who is a demigod and has to go on a long journey to save his friend a satyr Grover.

“Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science” by Jeannine Atkins – This is a wonderful book about three amazing accomplished women, who reached for the stars to find many wonders. Wonders, including metamorphosis, fossils, and stars.

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry – This is an amazing book about a boy whose life turns The Giverdramatically when he reaches the age of 12. This boy is given a job as a memory receiver. The boy (Jonas) meets an old man who works with Jonas and prefers to be referred to as The Giver.

“The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer – “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” is about a boy in a little poor village in Africa. Where people see trash he sees amazing chances. The boy (William) is just starting off on his way to be a great inventor.

“The List” by Patricia Forde – Imagine if you weren’t able to speed all the words in your vocabulary. Only a language named list has those rules. In this amazing book, you will be able to find out more about this language. Go to another life by reading “The List.”

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