Librarian for the Day: Giving Chao ’26

Authored by Giving Chao ’26

Giving ChaiAs the librarian for the day, I had the honor of checking out books for my Middle School classmates. I think reading is important because reading helps you learn new things and words. Reading also is something you can do in your spare time or when you have nothing to do. I love to read anywhere, whenever I have time. You can, too. Below are my book recommendations:

Selkie Girl
This is a book about a girl who is different. Her hands, to be specific. Her father told her that she has to stay away from everyone but she doesn’t know why. One day she discovered a big secret that her family kept from her since she was born. The truth of her birth. Then the Selkie girl has to make a hard decision about who she wants to be, the land or the sea. Either way, she will have to sacrifice something she loved and this impacts the rest of her life.

Into the Lion’s Den
Do you like mysteries and adventure stories? If you do, then this is the book for you. Devlin Quick is a girl living in New York. Her friend, Liza, who is staying with Devlin for the summer, spotted someone taking a page out of a very rare looking book. Even though Liza has no proof about what she saw, Devlin is still determined to get to the end of this mystery. If you want to know more, read the book and solve the mystery with Detective Devlin Quick!

A Wizard Abroad
This is a very fictional book. It tells a story about a girl who is a wizard. She got sent to Ireland and discovered a very big secret. This book is very exciting, but it will be confusing if you haven’t read the first book.

Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle
This is a book about a boy, Gabriel, who never knew his father. He lived with his aunt until 7th grade. His aunt never told him anything about his father, but Gabriel is determined to find out. When he found a talking raven, heard about a mysterious torc, and his uncle, Lord of the Air and Darkness, he begins to understand his father’s mysterious disappearance.

Blue Birds
This is a very good book about friendship. It is set in the Lost Island of Roanoke and tells about a Native American girl making friends with a white girl. At the time, the Native American and the English were not getting along and the English don’t want anything to do with the Natives, but the two girls will do anything to stay friends. I really like this book because even though the girls have different ways of living, and different languages, but somehow they became friend secretly with no one knowing. This book shows even if you are different, you can still choose to be a friend.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond
The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a story about a rich, slave-owning girl, Katherine who came to Connecticut to live with her aunt and uncle. When she first got there, she discovered no servants and had to do the work herself. She was lonely and when she finally started a school with her cousin, that got taken away too! She realizes that she doesn’t belong here. Then she met an old woman, Hannah, who was just like her. She was criticized by people because she is a Quaker. Katherine quickly developed a bonding friendship with this woman, but when disaster strikes, she will have to do what is best for Hannah.

Standing in the Light
Catherine, a Quacker girl felt safe and secure in her little village until she got captured by the Indians! At first, she hated them and blamed them for all the destruction they brought to the white. Catherine refused to speak and held everything inside of her, but she couldn’t take it anymore! She started criticizing them in front of their faces. Then she discovered a white man among all the Indians, but he had departed from his English ways. Slowly, from the help of that man, Catherine started to accept the Indians. Then when whites realized that she had been captured, they are looking for revenge.

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