GROW Site Visits: Seeing the Impact

Authored by Jennifer Oakley, MS GROW Coordinator and MS Math Teacher

This week, 34 middle school members of HB’s GROW (Girls Reaching Others Worldwide) Foundation visited three of the nonprofits they funded – Family Connections, Achievement Centers for Children, and Trinity Lakewood Church. The site visits allowed the girls to see the impact of their philanthropy.

At Family Connections, the girls read and played with preschool and toddler-aged children. GROW funded Family Connections’ SPARK program which prepares children and their families for kindergarten with in-home visits from a trained early childhood professional.

At Achievement Centers for Children, we toured classrooms specially designed for children with autism. The girls assisted the staff with administrative tasks such as preparing folders to be distributed community-wide and re-organizing cabinets and bookshelves. GROW funded their TAP program which helps train teachers who work with special needs children.

At Trinity Lakewood Community Outreach, the girls prepared bags containing personal hygiene products and other supplies for community members in need. This was a special project because GROW granted the organization funds to buy supplies for the bags. One group of girls organized the pantry and another group washed dishes from the community dinner they had the previous night.

Founded in 2000, GROW (Girls Reaching Others Worldwide) is a Middle and Upper school student-run foundation dedicated to raising money, funding and participating in service projects, and awarding grants to nonprofit organizations and institutions in the Greater Cleveland community and beyond. GROW inspires HB girls to develop an early interest in philanthropy through service. Members of the GROW foundation meet regularly to plan fundraisers and increase awareness about GROW and its mission.



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