My Voice: A shared writing experience by HB students, faculty/staff and families

Now through March 8, the entire student body is participating in a shared writing experience designed to celebrate the individual and collective student voices that make up the Hathaway Brown community. This project is part of a collaboration with Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center, a national leader in writing-based community outreach. Below is a copy of HB’s model poem, along with the writing prompt.
The end result of this shared experience will be a community poem scripted from the lines written by students and families across every grade level and every division. This poem will receive a graphic design treatment and be incorporated into wall-sized panels displayed along an HB hallway, showcasing the rich array of experiences and perspectives of our student body, and celebrating the collective whole that is HB.
This project and the installation it will generate was made possible through the support of individual donors and with the help of the HB Parent Association. Please follow the instructions below to be part of this community initiative.
  1. Read the HB Model Poem below.
  2. Make a list of man-made and natural objects, places in nature, events, musical instruments, etc. that remind you of your voice and the HB community. (like: cello, Cuyahoga River, daffodil)
  3. Make a list of active verbs that suggest sounds or actions that remind you of your voice. (like: blossoms, barks, dings)
  4. Begin with the phrase “My voice …” and use the language and items from your lists to describe how you feel about your voice and your school community. Play with language, exaggerate, and have fun.
  5. Visit before March 8 and add your voice!

Collective Voice Poem

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