The Power of YOU in Community

Authored by Muna Agwa ‘23

Agwa, Munachimso copyAs Middle School student council president, I am given the everyday Hathaway Brown School experience along with the special opportunity to be a leader in my vast community. HB has given me the opportunity to not only learn, but experience our school year’s theme, The Power of YOU in Community.

HB is a school full of leaders, creators, innovators, challengers, and trailblazers. We are taught to celebrate unity through our individuality through this year’s theme. I have seen girls throughout the middle school find their niche, from leadership to artistry. Since every girl is different, so are our contributions, and The Power of YOU in Community dares us to find our niches. The things that make us tick. The things that make us diverse.


At HB, in all of its diversity, can be found a sense of harmony. Each girl is encouraged to express herself in her own unique way, and when we are all comfortably expressing ourselves is when a community is awakened. A community of people is more than just all of us in a building together, it’s the people in the building every day that make HB what it is.

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