A window for Ms. White

One of HB’s three preschool classes journaled as they created a special gift for a staff member. Read along to see how early childhood project-based learning comes to life.

Monday, September 24

One class of coed preschoolers read “The Feel Good Book” by Todd Parr – a book about September 24things that make someone (or something) feel good or happy. The class of 14 focused on one subject in the story – giving someone something special feels good.

Their co-teacher, Mrs.Badner shared a story of a conversation she overheard between receptionists Mrs. Rosbach and Ms. White, who was disappointed because she didn’t have a window in her office space.

The class decided to go on a “window walk” and noticed Mrs. Rosbach, Director of Primary School Mrs. Zopatti, Director of ITC, Early Childhood & Primary School Admission Mrs. Kuhn and even Director of Early Childhood Mrs. Brown all had windows! But where was Ms. White’s window?

Tuesday, September 25

The class reflected on the “The Feel Good Book” and the surprise window they’re planning to create for Ms. White. They shared what they see when they look out the window: September 25 I

  • Trees
  • Worms
  • Birdies
  • The sky
  • Rain
  • Mommy
  • The sun
  • Gardens
  • Leaves
  • Benches
  • Fountains
  • People

The class walked in the hallway and were shocked by how many windows there were! They looked through each window and noticed there was a different view of things outside!

Thursday, September 27

The class continued to discuss Ms. White’s surprise window, what shape the window should be, and what materials to use to make it. Each student thought of one thing for Ms. White to see when she looks through the window. Some students chose to look out a real window in the classroom to refresh their memories.

Monday, October 1

The students started the next step of the window project! They remembered some parts of a window is made from wood. After brainstorming where to find wood to make the window, the class went outside to collect sticks.

Tuesday, October 2October 2

Co-teachers Mrs. Badner and Ms.Harwell set out the sticks on the gathering rug. They explored the sticks and thought about ways to make a square for the window. They used comparing skills to sort sticks into three piles: small, medium, and large. The students used different sized sticks to outline the window on a big blue piece of paper. This job was tricky because they had to use problem solving skills to fit sticks in different spaces.

Wednesday, October 3

Today, the class finished making the window outline with sticks. Then, they chose materials to create things for the window such as a birds nest, a red car, and a spider!

Monday, October 8

Before the students deliver the special window to Ms. White, they had to determine how to get the fragile window from the classroom to her office. Here are ideas they came up with:

  • “Lift it together!” – Emily
  • “Put it in a box so it doesn’t break.” – Ellie
  • “Put it in a bag or a basket.”– Claire
  • “Let’s put it in a big bag!” – William

Tuesday, October 9October 9

Today was all about the exciting special delivery! The class worked together to carry the huge, fragile window out of the classroom, down the hallway, and into the lobby. Before revealing the masterpiece to Ms.White, the preschoolers told her about the surprise and why they chose this special task. Ms. White was grateful and excited to ̎finally have a view of the “outdoors” in her office space.

Hathaway Brown School’s Coed Early Childhood program utilizes in-depth project-based learning to develop 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity, and problem solving. HB’s approach to project-based learning allows students to participate in a comprehensive investigation of an engaging topic in the framework of a defined curriculum and accommodates a range of learning styles and interests.

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