Dispatch from Flat Lily: Second graders receive a special delivery

Letter from Lily in Fresno, CAOver winter break, Computer Science – Coding & Robotics teacher Carole Lechleitner received a package from a college friend containing a Flat Lily.

Similar to a “Flat Stanley,” the Flat Lily project a lot of elementary school students do to learn more about different regions of the United States. Flat Lily came from a second grader at Manchester GATE School in Fresno, California (see letter at left).

In addition to Mrs. Lechleitner writing and sending pictures to the student and her classmates about her Flat Lily, she thought it would be a treat for those second graders to hear directly from HB’s second graders about what it’s like to live in Cleveland, Ohio and go to school at Hathaway Brown. The girls wrote their letters with their coding partners and below are copies of two very special letters from Ms. Roberts’ class.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2R CS-CR with Flat Lily

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