Looking Up to Cleveland: Three HB students learn to see the city in new ways

Look Up 1Hathaway Brown Upper Schoolers Audrey Beyer ’19, Sophie Sacks ’18, and Halle Wasser ’18 joined a cohort of 60 students from across Northeast Ohio this summer in an immersive weeklong program dedicated to teaching young people how they can make a difference in the current and future trajectory of the region where they live. These three girls were part of the Look Up To Cleveland Summer Class of 2017, a program sponsored by the Cleveland Leadership Center.

Look Up To Cleveland, which celebrates its 30th year in 2017, was designed to allow juniors and seniors in high school to explore Cleveland’s arts, economy, and neighborhoods, and to develop their own vision for future impact. The week’s activities also included building connections among the diverse group of teens who came from all parts of Cuyahoga County and represented public, private, and parochial schools.

Look Up 2Sophie Sacks found the experience quite powerful. “I not only made new friends, but I also got to explore parts of this city that I had never seen before,” she says. “I gained new perspectives on each neighborhood of Cleveland that we went to, some of them for the first time. Before this program, I didn’t know very much about this city, but now I know all about the different groups of people who live throughout it.”

Audrey Beyer agrees. “The group I was with traveled to various districts around the city, such as the Waterloo Arts District, Detroit Shoreway, and Ohio City, and we saw how each impacted the city in a different but positive way. I also was given the opportunity to meet with various city leaders, such as the Mayor when we visited City Hall, and the U.S. Marshal when we visited the Federal Building,” she explains.

“It was a great and truly unique experience that changed my viewpoint on our city and the direction I want to see Cleveland move in,” Halle Wasser says. “Look Up To Cleveland helped me to see Cleveland in an entirely new way by allowing me to have discussions with my peers about all parts of Cleveland, and to collaborate with people from all over the city, each with their own unique perspective.”

Learn more about Look Up To Cleveland in this 30th anniversary video.
Applications for the Look Up To Cleveland Summer Class of 2018 will open in February.






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