On Valentine’s Day, HB students participate in Love Your Body Day

Hathaway Brown School’s Love Your Body Day is a day to educate and empower girls about how to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. We hope to broaden their idea of what’s beautiful, and recognize and embrace their inner and outer beauty. The third annual event took place on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017.

The morning kicked off with the Love Your Body assembly in the HB Ahuja Auditorium. Head of School, Dr. Fran Bisselle, gave a short keynote presentation about the relativity of defining beauty for ourselves.

Above: images from the Upper School Show the Love assembly

It’s an Upper School annual tradition for the girls in each class to give “gifts” to one other class, along with a senior “gift” to the faculty, in an effort called Show the Love.

This year’s “Show the Love gifts” included:
  • Freshmen to Sophomores: a poem listing 19 ways they love the Class of 2019
  • Sophomores to Freshmen: performance of the Friends theme song, “I’ll Be There For You”
  • Juniors to Seniors: Pledges to support the Carnival festivities; a check for $160 to the Carnival charity, The Refugee Response; Valentine’s Day surprises for the senior members of Student Senate
  • Seniors to Juniors: A fun spoof of The Office; a letter accepting them to “Senior Love University”
  • Seniors to Faculty: Dress Down Day, treats in mailboxes

During Lab period, the Hathaway Brown Parent Association had a gift to share, too: treats for all the girls in the Student Center!

In the Middle School, students participated in breakout sessions focused on health and wellness, self care, movement, cooking, meditation, and communication throughout the afternoon.

Above: photos of Love Your Body Day in the Middle School

Prime girls were full of love on Valentine’s Day! They spread their love and good wishes to their classmates by making cards and pictures for each other. Each girl made a container to hold all of her special wishes using paper bags in kindergarten and homemade containers in fourth grade.
Many classes had special math lessons and fourth grade used conversation hearts to estimate various quantities needed to fill or cover objects and as a non-standard measurement tool.
Opportunities for completing a special Valentine page like the ever popular Valentine Mad Libs was a hit with the older Prime students. Every class had a party and some girls decorated cookies or enjoyed a cupcake. A few classes even played some love themed Valentine music on this special day.
The combination of this day of friendship along with heart themed dress was a highlight for everyone in Prime.
Third grade students created Valentine’s for dance, as if dance was a member of our school community. They wrote what they like about dancing, how it makes them feel and why it’s important for them:
Above: video of a third grader’s Valentine’s Day card

Above: more third graders’ Valentine’s Day cards

Here are some of the things they wrote in their cards:
“When I dance I feel… strong, independent, good, happy and myself” – Claire Lewis
“When I dance it makes me feel free.” – Claire Lyman
“Dear Dancing, I love that you make me feel loved and happy. Peace out, dancing!”

Meanwhile in Early Childhood, students spent time creating “love spray” in the First Step class (lavender and rose water!), and our PS1 students made snow globes to send swirls of love to their parents. PK1 students went to the art studio to make clay hearts for their families, and PS3 classes sent “ripples of happiness” throughout the school by hiding painted rocks with loving messages for people to find, enjoy and hide again for someone else to find.


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