Middle School students simulate colonial living in America as part of history curriculum

By Contributing Writer Janine Sekulich, Fifth Grade History Teacher
During our colonial days unit, the students were given the opportunity to  simulate daily activities common during the colonial America era. Through the unit, the girls learned the history of daily life, geography, government, religion, and economy in the colonial regions and were able to gain comparative perspective between the lives of the colonists and their own lives. During our colonial days simulation, they not only dressed the part, but they also created travel brochures with persuasive tone, research, and creative voice to convince their teachers to choose their colony to settle in with their families. They attended colonial school in classrooms chilled by open windows and lit by candlelight  or fireplace. In these classrooms, they learned arithmetic on chalkboards, penmanship with calligraphy utensils and ink, used New England Primer books to practice reading, made homemade butter and flapjacks, were taught how to dance the Reel, and experimented with metalworking to create candle holders. It was a collaborative effort by the fifth grade team and specials’ teachers. It was so much fun!



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