National Read a Book Day: Spotlight on HB Alumnae Authors

franatthebookcase-1While moving into her Head of School office, Dr. Fran Bisselle requested copies of Hathaway Brown alumnae-written books for her library and has since proudly displayed them near her desk (as pictured at right). In honor of National Read a Book Day today, we are sharing a list of those works here on the HBlog.

Take a look at the list below, and let us know in the comments if we’ve missed a title as this list is always growing!


Alumnae Title
Marie Gilchrist ’10 Wide Pastures
Margaret Ranney Otis ’16 Baffling Bridge Debaffled
Margaret Ranney Otis ’16 Ole! Senior V.I.P.s in Orbit Aboard Cloud Nine
Margaret Ranney Otis ’16 Relics on Cloud Nine
Margaret Ranney Otis ’16 Bridge
Frances Palmer ’25 Poems and Prose
Ruth Strong Hudson ’27 The Minister from France
Jane Hutchinson Cauffield ’34 International Shipmasters’ Association
Jeanne Wysor ’35 Chiaroscuro
Jeanne Norweb ’38 Beyond the End
Jeanne Norweb ’38 The Forbidden Door
Janet Cope Henry ’42 The Beat Goes On!
Patricia Milestone Zonsius ’43 Children’s Century
Patricia Milestone Zonsius ’43 Akron Area Guidebook
Mary Stecher Douthit ’45 1982…and All That
Mary Stecher Douthit ’45 All ‘Fun’ Things are Fattening
Eleanor Munro Kahn ’45 Originals: American Women Artists
Eleanor Munro Kahn ’45 Wedding Readings
Nancy Comey Stevenson ’45 When Your Child Dies
Jocelyn France Deprez ’47 The Refrigerator Files
Anne Loesser Hollander ’48 Sex & Suits: The Evolution of Modern Dress
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Chickens: Their Natural and Unnatural Histories
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Shake Them ‘Simmons Down
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Despicable Species
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Skinny Dipping
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Because the Cat Purrs
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 The Quality of Life: Living Well, Dying Well
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 River Time: The Frontier on the Lower Neuse
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Touching Earth
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Dangerous Birds: A Naturalist’s Aviary
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Looking for Eagles
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Soup’s On! Sixty Hearty Soups You Can Stand Your Spoon On
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 From Grass to Gardens: How to Reap Bounty from a Small Yard
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Bronze and Iron: Old Latin Poetry from Its Beginnings to 100 B.C.
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Tuscan Trees
Janet Nutt Lembke ’49 Harvests
Nancy McArthur ’49 The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks (Children’s Series)
Marcella Fisher Anderson ’51 Reflections from a Mud Puddle
Marcella Fisher Anderson ’51 Hospitalized Children and Books
Marcella Fisher Anderson ’51 Books and Children in Pediatric Settings
Mary Rathbone Acker ’52 My Dearest Anna: Letters of the Richmond Family 1836-1898
Jane MacDonald Healy ’52 Is Your Bed Still There When You Close the Door
Jane MacDonald Healy ’52 Endangered Minds: Why Our Children Don’t Think
Jane MacDonald Healy ’52 Your Child’s Growing Mind
Jane MacDonald Healy ’52 How to Have Intelligent and Creative Conversations with Your Kids
Suzanne Crelly Nash ’53 Paul Vatery’s Album de vers anciens
Suzanne Crelly Nash ’53 Les Contemplations of Victor Hugo: An Allegory of the Creative Process
Elizabeth Moak Skorpen ’53 His Mother’s Dog
Ruth Ireland Pierce ’54 Single and Pregnant
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 The Terrors of Ideological Politics: Liberal Historians in a Conservative Mood
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 Women in Cleveland: An Illustrated History
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 New World, New Roles: A Documentary History of Women in Pre-Industrial America
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 Emma Goldman and the American Left: “Nowhere at Home”
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 And Sin No More: Social Policy and Unwed Mothers in Cleveland, 1855-1990
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 First Person Past: American Autobiographies
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 Cleveland’s Lake View Cemetary
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 Cleveland Heights
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 Cleveland Heights Congregations
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 The Overlook of Cleveland and Cleveland Heights
Marian Johnson Morton ’55 John Carroll University
Joy Johnson Nevin ’55 “Get Moving!”: A Joyful Search to Meet and Embrace Life Transitions
Joy Johnson Nevin ’55 Joy of Retirement: Live, Love, and Learn
Lee Baldwin Dalzell ’56 George Washinton’s Mount Vernon – At Home in Revolutionary America
Cynthia Wolfe Porter ’56 A Feast of Words
Elizabeth Hornung Smith-Holmes ’56 Saratoga: America’s Battlefield.
Cynthia Bassett ’57 Travel DVD’s
Cornelia Manuel Ford ’57 Deadly Diet
Sarah Calfee Morse ’57 Moving Mom and Dad
Susan Stewart ’58 The Women’s Complete Health Book
Margaret Burroughs ’60 The Road to Recovery
Laurel Blossom ’61 Many Lights in Many Windows
Laurel Blossom ’61 Splash
Laurel Blossom ’61 What’s Wrong
Laurel Blossom ’61 Longevity
Laurel Blossom ’61 Degrees of Latitude
Laurel Blossom ’61 Wednesday: New and Selected Poems
Suzanne Berger ’62 These Rooms
Suzanne Berger ’62 Legacies
Anne Mackenzie Sayer ’63 Growing Up at Risk in Connecticut
Catherine Campbell ’65 The French Procuress
Chellis Glendinning ’65 Off the Map: An Expedition Deep into Empire and the Global Economy
Chellis Glendinning ’65 Waking Up in the Nuclear Age
Chellis Glendinning ’65 My Name is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization
Chellis Glendinning ’65 Chiva: A Village Takes on the Global Heroin Trade
Chellis Glendinning ’65 Objetos
Chellis Glendinning ’65 HYPER: An Electromagnetic Chapbook
Jean Mackenzie ’65 Your Junior Year is Too Late
Mary-Anne Lee Vetterling ’66 A Bibliography for Juan Ruiz’s Libro de buen amor
Mary-Anne Lee Vetterling ’66 Panoramas Literarios: España
Janice Clark Walker ’66 An Interdisciplinary Bibliography of Freshwater Crayfishes
Janice Clark Walker ’66 The Life History and Ecology of the Entocytherid Ostracod
Paula Welshimer Locklair ’68 The Craftsman in Early America
Suanne Kelley Kopald ’70 Hey, Look at Me! Baby Days
Suanne Kelley Kopald 70 Serina’s First Flight: A Tooth Fairy’s Tale
Ellen Rogers ’70 Kasey to the Rescue
Marie Dempsey Carter ’72 The Trapeze Diaries
Dorothy Jones Yang ’72 The Secret Voice of Gina Zhang
Dorothy Jones Yang ’72 Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time
Dorothy Jones Yang ’72 Daughter of Xanadu
Dorothy Jones Yang ’72 Voices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle
Dorothy Jones Yang ’72 Warm Cup of Wisdom: Inspirational Insights on Relationships and Life
Dorothy Jones Yang ’72 The Brother Who Gave Rice
Dorothy Jones Yang ’72 Bring Me Three Gifts!
Gini Struich Hartzmark ’74 Principal Defense
Gini Struich Hartzmark ’74 Fatal Reaction
Gini Struich Hartzmark ’74 Final Option
Erin Wolf ’75 Lessons from the Trenches
Maggie Calkins ’77 Design for Dementia: Planning Environments for the Elderly and Confused
Maggie Calkins ’77 Environment & Communication Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care
Maggie Calkins ’77 Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings, Vol 1: Understanding the Environment through Aging Senses
Maggie Calkins ’77 Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings, Vol 2: Maximizing Cognitive and Functional Abilities
Maggie Calkins ’77 Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings, Vol 3: Minimizing Disruptive Behaviors
Maggie Calkins ’77 Creating Successful Dementia Care, Vol 4: Enhancing Identity and Sense of Home
Elizabeth Mellen O’Toole ’77 Mothering: An Art of the Heart
Rachel Daniel Talton ’83 Flourish: Having it All Without Losing Yourself
Helen Rankin Butler ’87 Seasonal Cuisine for the Seasoned Palate
Victoria Scaravilli Colligan ’87 Skyways and Waterways: Cleveland
Victoria Scaravilli Colligan ’87 Dream It, Launch It, Live It! Get the Life You Want in 5 Minutes a Day!
Victoria Scaravilli Colligan ’87 Ladies Who Launch: An Innovative Program That Will Help You Get Your Dreams Off the Ground
Jennifer Sturman ’87 The Pact
Jennifer Sturman ’87 The Jinx
Jennifer Sturman ’87 The Key
Jennifer Sturman ’87 The Hunt
Jennifer Sturman ’87 And Then Everything Unraveled
Jennifer Sturman ’87 And Then I Found Out the Truth
Amber Granger Maiden ’89 The Way Through
Kathleen Donahey Marcus ’90 Take Notice
Kathleen Donahey Marcus ’90 Honey Bear’s Day at Hathaway Brown
Katherine Mortimer ’90 A Long Time to Worry
Margaret Burgess ’91 Meg’s Manual
Margaret Burgess ’91 Flying Fun
Anisha Durve ’92 The Power to Break Free
Anisha Durve ’92 Marma Points of Ayurveda
Clara Butler ’16 Tea and Curiosity

One thought on “National Read a Book Day: Spotlight on HB Alumnae Authors

  1. Nancy Powers ’79 Grassroots Expectations of Democracy and Economy: Argentina in Comparative Perspective (U of Pittsburgh Press 2001).


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