Middle School: Scenes from the First Day of the School Year

Welcome back to the new school year! It was lovely to see so many smiling middle schoolers as they came into the lobby this morning. I cannot believe how tall they have gotten! If you are new to the Middle School, keep your eyes open for, Middle School Matters a weekly newsletter where you can see the upcoming weeks’ calendar, read a few tech or wellness tips, and from time to time, see pictures of the girls in action. It is also where I will share a few of my thoughts as I work with these wonderful girls and faculty. I will try to be entertaining, and I promise to be brief! As the girls walked in this morning, I was filled with overwhelming joy—both at the very bright tennis shoes staying firmly on their feet and at the incredible potential they carry with them. I have already learned two things about them:

1. The first day is scary even if it is your 8th year here.

2. Most of them still had sleep crust in their eyes, so I’m pretty sure they had a hard time falling asleep last night.

To be honest, so did I. The first day is pretty scary for me too, and it’s my 30somethingth first day. And, I share in their exhaustion. The good news is that we will have them so busy that they will devour dinner without complaint (I promise!) and crash to sleep tonight. The best news is that tomorrow morning will feel loads better, and it is a Friday, so that’s awesome. Congrats on getting the first day in the books!



Sharon Baker is the Director of Hathaway Brown’s Middle School.

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