#WCW for Women’s History Month: Margaret Hamilton

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Every Wednesday this month we will feature a different woman from Hathaway Brown School for Women’s History Month and Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW). 

See all featured HB #WCW women.

Today, meet Margaret Hamilton from Hathaway Brown School’s class of 1921.

This Hathaway Brown graduate became one of the most recognizable characters in motion picture history. Margaret Hamilton was an active participant in the School’s theater department, and had a starring role in her senior play, Pomander Walk.

After graduation, Miss Hamilton starred in many productions at the Cleveland Play House, eventually winning a major role on Broadway in 1932. The play, Another Language, attracted the attention of Hollywood, and for the next six years she appeared in 25 motion pictures. In 1939, she was given the role for which she would be most remembered throughout her life—the “Wicked Witch of the West” in The Wizard of Oz (pictured at top).

Margaret Hamilton went on to act in more than 70 films throughout her career, including performances with Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn, and Sean Connery. She also made frequent appearances on television. “Hathaway Brown’s most visible thespian” died in 1985.

Sources: Learning for Life – The First 50 Years of Hathaway Brown School: 1876 to 1926 by Virginia P. Dawson, and Tradition and Transformation by Virginia P. Dawson and Mark D. Bowles

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