#WCW for Women’s History Month: Helen Millikin Nash

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Every Wednesday this month we will feature a different woman from Hathaway Brown School for Women’s History Month and Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW). 

See all featured HB #WCW women.

Today, meet Helen Millikin Nash of Hathaway Brown School’s class of 1910.

The very existence of Hathaway Brown’s Shaker Heights campus (pictured above in 1927) was threatened in the 1960s by a proposed 8-lane highway that would have been located close to the north edge of the property. County Engineer Albert Porter’s misguided plans to create the Clark Freeway from downtown Cleveland to I-271 through the Shaker Lakes galvanized the entire community to action.

One of those community members included HB alumna, Helen Millikin Nash, who contributed funds for a study by the National Audubon Society that played a role in the founding of the Shaker Lakes Regional Nature Center in 1966 (now called the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes). The study led to the designation of the Shaker Lakes parklands as a national environmental education landmark. This, and the efforts of dozens of other concerned “Freeway Fighters” in the area, effectively stopped the project.


Sources: Learning for Life – The First 50 Years of Hathaway Brown School: 1876 to 1926 by Virginia P. Dawson, and Tradition and Transformation by Virginia P. Dawson and Mark D. Bowles

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