In Character: Fourth Graders Portray Notable Women in 2016 Event

Today at Hathaway Brown School, fourth graders commemorated National Women’s History Month at the school’s annual Notable Women Reception.

Students taught by Fourth Grade Teachers Mary Boutton and Jennifer Stilson each selected a famous woman to research from all fields including science, math, the military, business, technology, politics, literature, etc. After extensive reading, the girls pretended to be their women and wrote their “autobiographies.” The day began with a parent discussion about the significance of the project and what we hope girls will take away from their work, led by Koyen Shah, director of the center of leadership and well-being, and Kathy Zopatti, director of the primary school. Guest speaker Amy Martin from She in the CLE (a local blog), also addressed the audience in the WCC.

Following the discussion, the girls, dressed as their notable woman, greeted their parents, friends, staff, and other family members. There were several short “speed interview sessions” where each notable woman answered questions from a group of visitors. When the bell rang, the visitors move on to another woman to learn more about her. The day also includes small group discussions with HB alum as well as Q&A with younger Primary School students.
“One of the greatest results of this event is that the girls are making contact with their women,” said Mary Boutton. “One student just spent a morning with Eileen Fisher and another will be going to New York over break to meet with Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi. Many girls have written to their women and we hope to hear back from at least a few more!”

For photos of the morning’s reception, see the gallery below!

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