#WCW for Women’s History Month: Flora Stone Mather

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Every Wednesday this month we will feature a different woman from Hathaway Brown School for Women’s History Month and Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW). 

See all featured HB #WCW women.

Today, meet Flora Stone Mather, an early benefactor of Hathaway Brown School.

Born in 1852, Mrs. Mather epitomized the Victorian ideals of benevolence and altruism. Both Flora Stone Mather and her husband, Samuel Mather, gave generously to Cleveland institutions. Mrs. Mather donated to Case Western Reserve University, was a founding trustee of Lakeside Hospital, and was active in improving the living and working conditions for women and children through her founding of Goodrich House, her support of Alta House, Hiram House, the Consumers League of Ohio, and the Legal Aid Society.

Less well known is her role as a major benefactor of Hathaway Brown School. She gifted the land that enabled the School to move from cramped quarters on Euclid Avenue to a brand new building on East 97th Street (pictured above).

The Mathers’ daughter Constance graduated from Hathaway Brown in 1907 and continued supporting HB after her mother’s untimely death. A student wrote of Flora Stone Mather that “her interest in young girls was always keen, and her desire was that they should make use of all their opportunities to learn to live truly useful, helpful lives. As a school, we have always found in her an inspiration for good scholarship, high ideals, and true living.”

Constance Mather Bishop served on the Board of Trustees and generously supported the 1925 campaign to move the School to Shaker Heights.


Sources: Learning for Life – The First 50 Years of Hathaway Brown School: 1876 to 1926 by Virginia P. Dawson, and Tradition and Transformation by Virginia P. Dawson and Mark D. Bowles

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