Innovation, Design, Engineering, and Arts Come Together in Reimagined Lab

In today’s world, creativity is the largest source of commerce. Everybody’s looking for ways to make things new — different, faster, smarter, smaller, bigger, more economical, more purposeful, sleeker, cooler, you name it — the list goes on. The Makers Movement has been so readily and enthusiastically embraced because it just makes sense. As everyday citizens, we now have relatively easy access to the tools and the technology to quite literally improve people’s lives in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

In 1993, Susan Kettering Williamson ’55 established an innovative woodworking and engineering laboratory for Hathaway Brown’s Primary School students. A year later, Sally Stecher Hollington ’50 made it possible to expand this forward-leaning classroom to accommodate Middle and Upper School students as well. Recognizing the potential breakthroughs students could make through the addition of more advanced technology, in 2015 HB parents Michelle Shan-Jeschelnig and Richard Jeschelnig supported the reimagination of the laboratory now used by girls in Grades K-12. The space will be outfitted with the latest software, hardware, and fabrication tools. In this new IDEA Lab, students will be inspired to tinker and create with limitless boundaries. If they can dream it, they can build it.

In Fall 2015, the IDEA Lab – innovation, design, engineering, and arts laboratory – will open at Hathaway Brown School! Check out this timelapse video of its progress so far!

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